10 Shapes Design LLC : Web Design and Graphic Design Services in River Forest, IL

Based in the Chicago area, we offer high-quality graphic design and web design services, including branding and logo design, web design, and other design services. From taking your idea and turning it into an effective design, 10 Shapes Design becomes your vehicle to turning your visual ideas into reality. We look forward to helping you with your graphic design needs!


Does your company have a brand or just a logo? And does your logo convey the right image? We are professional branders who take the unique value proposition of your business, your leadership and your culture into account when we work with you to develop logos and corporate branding.

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Web Design

Is your website up to date? Does it “look like you?” Is it functional and user-friendly for your prospects? We combine graphic design expertise with digital know-how to create a simple, beautiful, functional and responsive website for your business that will look sleek and contemporary and make real impact on visitors. We use WordPress, Bootstrap, Weebly, Wix and other platforms to help you get where you need to be with your website.

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Publication and Print Design

These days, websites get a lot of attention – sometimes stealing it away from print collateral. You can have both! Our graphic design can keep your business on message and on brand with cohesive, beautifully designed and printed materials that coordinate with all your online assets as needed. That includes business cards, promotional materials, brochures, magazine and newspaper ads, post cards, invitations and programs.

Do you have a lot of forms? We’ll make them attractive and easy to fill out.

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Infographics and Illustrations

We create custom infographics to display in your apps and websites on any device. Need a hand-drawn illustration? We create one-of-a-kind illustrations for use in any digital or print media. We’ll apply our contemporary approach and design chic to create highly shareable infographics for use in your apps, on your website and in print.

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